Friday, February 29, 2008

FOS! for the win!

I have been getting a lot of stuff done and out the door! YEY! So many UFOs that were taking up space! I just had to grab them and start to finish them! So..I did.

First up is Barbie's skully dress! 100% angroa makes this a pricey stylish wear for the undisputed Queen of toy fashion...I knit this pretty white dress with pink trim in just a few short hours. :D Looks wonderful and Barbie will love it.
It took a bit of work and very small needles. =D I also put in a little bit of my personal side by Knitting in a pink skull on the bottom edge of the dress.

Next up on the train are two baby sweaters the 5 hour baby sweaters by Lorraine Major. The first was knit in dream in color, a wonderful superwash wool yarn. I altered the pattern a bit and knit short sleeves on this version! I think it makes it look charming. A beautiful little caplet. This pink one was knit for my friend Shelly who is expecting her second daughter in the next few weeks!

This 100% wool version was knit with the long sleeves as the pattern called for. This was knit with 1 skein noro kureon, and 2 skeins of lambs pride worsted. :)This will be my display as the moment this is washed ..goodbye I didn't think that through did I? lol.

And last but not least my cinnamon twist baby hat! also 100% wool. This will definately keep a new born head warm. I am considering sewing in a soft liner to make the hat extra warm without being itchy. This was an improvised design tha turned out super cute!

that's all for now..


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

HOLY COW! I'm back!

Hello everyone! I'm back and knitting up a storm. I'm writing a new pattern, using a few other patterns as my base I am inventing a new pattern! yey! This blue cape is going to be called "The Prince Blitz cape." it's a wonderfully quick little think I'm finding.
I am unventing two things. the first being Lorrine Major's Quick baby sweater. I'm knitting the yoke, and skipping the sleeves, I plan to then continue in (k1 row), (k3, p to last 3 sts, k3) for a few rows then start an increase in the back that will be on both sides, to let it flow out from the yoke like a king's cape would. ^^ it's gonna be awesome. I will but a gold button (hope fully I can find one with a lion) to sew to one side of the cape and make an icord loop to go around it to keep the cape on.
After I finish with this I plan to knit a second one, in purple, with a silver button (hopefully I can find one just like the gold one) and call it the Princess Serenity Baby Cape. So all in all a lot going on! I've got pictures in this post as you can see of my progress.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Knitting what to do?

I told you I started a baby Surprise jacket by EZ ...well yeah the cotton twist ..twisted a little to much for me ..I ripped it out. I am tired and exausted, but there are a few things I would like to point everyone to one is a website called
The Thrifty Knitter
Nikol is awesome...great shawl up there now.. falling leaves, beautiful sock yarn. I would also like to push people to the website
Brooklyn Tweed
Holy crab does this boy have a go


Thursday, August 23, 2007

The days are long and the nights are restless

I started EZ's baby surprise jacket, in Tahki cotton twist..I like washable things. I don't know how much of it I will get done. Our friend Joe lost his brother to Suicide at the ISU campus, he died in the science lab, we'll miss him, he was so sweet and kind to me. I just feel so bad that I only met him once, I wish there was more I could do for Joe, and for my boyfriend. It's hard.

I hope all these things get better.


Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I had said I was moving my blog, however with the limitations blogger has, everyone else is more limited so, I guess this means you are stuck with me for a while..sorry folks! At least until I can get some new stuff up and running...


Friday, June 29, 2007


yeah, I went to one...all yarn and needle point are my takes:
tahki laguna:
Tahki Laguna
Tahki Cotton Twist:
Tahki Cotton Twist
Fleisher's French Angora:
French angora
Tahki super kid Mohair in pink and purple:
Purple Mohair
Pink Mohair


Friday, June 22, 2007

Pocket Scarf

I'm using that Barbie knitter! I made a little scarf I got it to the length I wanted then used 16" addi turbos to take the thing off the knitter without loosing all the stitches. I then cast off 8 stitches and continued onto the other 8 and i added stitches at the front and back of each knit row until I got it long enough to cover one half. This is a tube scarf with a pocket! I love it! don't you? My model is great too..he works for cheerios!

Sorry about the double posts today ..I just love this scarf!


1408 and Transformers.

I am really psyched! I'm going to go see the Stephen King movie tonight 1408. Then, on the 3rd of July, (thanks mom in advance for watching Trent), I'm going to see TRANSFORMERS! YEY! I'll let you know how it ends....just kidding..I'll tell you if it's worth seeing or not.

As for knitting I've been using my Mattel Barbie knitter a lot. The cotton turned out really well being thicker than say the acrylic or the wool. :) The 3 cotton thing was a mistake I took off the machine ...I like's a little flower..may find a way to finish it.

The picture below is not my knitter, this is a googled photo. This is what my knitter looks like, except my sticker that says Barbie is rubbing off. All of the other models like this Mattel put out were called Magic Knitters, came in red/yellow, pink/lime and brown/cream from what I have seen. I saw some really interesting knitting things in an online mag (see link below) and I got inspired. If you have a Barbie knitter and need more information on instructions or help please visit The Mattel Knitting Machine at This is a wonderful resource.

Check out the site it's called Cut out and keep. For all things Crafty!
I also got a request from a girl in Australia for some of my fingerless gloves, in red wool, well um...yeah I don't have any wool in that color in my stash...I HAVE TO GO BUY IT! YEY!