Sunday, November 05, 2006

Crochet? I got that in the BAG!

So last night I made an effort to crochet not that I do this all the time, by far my mother is the best at this and it shows, she does those really fine crochet doilies with your name made into the middle. I'll see if I can upload a picture someday and show you all what I mean. However I have been working really hard. This is my crochet attempt at a punky looking purse. I used really bulky yarn and a HUGE crochet hook. *shrugs* it's cute. I also need to point out this took me less then an hour to complete.

The Crochet Bag of Doom:

not as hot as my Fetching gloves (see previous post) but still worthy of my own pride. I have actually completed a crochet project that did not turn out like trash.
my son Trent with the bag:

Now my son wearing the bag as an interesting hat

isn't he the best model?

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NORA said...

Tooo cute! x