Saturday, November 04, 2006


working hard on my knitting and a little crochet to boot. Started a chunky crochet bag just to see if I can do it. Who knows. I got alot of Free Acrylic yarn from one of my mom's friends I mean I'm going to have a lot of yarn for a long time. I got some Blue Sky Alpacas 5" Double Pointed Knitting needles US Sized 5 super smooth needles they come in a set of 5 I highly recomend them to anyone doing small knitting. These are great for I-Cord too.

These are knit with Paton's Classic Merino in Red. For my Sister this Christmas.

This pattern can be found at

Blue Sky Needles Case:
They come in this AWESOME CASE! I purchased these at Klose Knit in Champaign Illinois.

My Knitting Stash:
What a mess! OH HOLY CRAP THE YARN! 0.0

Coats and Clark Red Heart Nylon & Wool:

I simply LOVE this awesome vintage 3 ply yarn! I hope to make something really stellar out of it..possibly socks...or something..not sure..Any ideas?

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Alexa said...

I'm pretty sure I'm the ONLY person on the blog circuit that hasn't made those gloves. Yay California weather!

And don't you just love vintage yarn? Despite the smell it sometimes retains, something about it makes it so fun to knit with.

Anonymous said...

what a cool needle case!