Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm jumping on the band-wagon

Here's my play on it.

1. I will only be knitting from my yarn stash startin 2/14/07 and going through 6/15/07 (my anniversary.) This is so hard for me!

My rules:

1. You may only buy yarn for current projects in that exact dye lot only when it will make it possible to complete a project.

2. I may use profits from craft shows only to purchase more yarn.

3. I may use yarn from my mother's stash should mine run out! (Sorry mom) ( also I have a knitting machine I may get a lot done in the next few days.)

4. If anyone gives me a gift of yarn I can accept it. Other wise I am to stay away from hobby lobby, Michaels, Walmart, the needleworks store, and Klose Knit.



Ilix said...

Way to go! I am having a tough time myself..... there is a KAL on crafster, if you are into that. someone just knitted the cutest baby hat! LOL can't wait to see your stash knits!

Aurora said...

Hi--you signed my BUDDY MAP --thanks for visiting my blog! I took a vow at the New Year to buy nothing new for 6 months (with some obvious exceptions--like food) --so I know what this is like. I did buy some yarn--tho--for a project someone is paying me to knit for their baby. Otherwise I am knitting from my stash OR buying yarn at thrift stores....but this particular "challange" you are doing could be good for fostering innovative creativity..? I find I am most tempted to cheat on my pledge in yarn and fabric stores...