Sunday, February 11, 2007

Machine Knitting on my Singer MK-70

Yes it tis true I have a singer MK-70 also known as the fold up knitting machine and I love it. I'm working on all sorts of neat things..hoping to clear out my stash a little faster then I would have just hand knitting. I am continuing hand knitting. I attempted to knit socks on two circular needles...someone should have shot me I sucked.... my mother's friend is going to have to explain it to me because I'm lost.

Picks of the Knitting machine! IT'S ORANGE!

More knitorious then I ..I bow at it's superiority.



Kathryn said...

I've seen and owned a lot of knitting machines, but the MK-70 is totally new to me. I'm glad someone else on the knit ring enjoys both hand and machine knitting.

Kathryn said...

Oops... Blogger ate the link to my site. If you're curious, I'm at

steel breeze said...

Yeah, I designed my animated logo, I animate as part of my job and usually it's boring stuff like parcels moving on a conveyor belt. Glad you liked it! Shall be keeping an eye on your blog! :)

saskafrost said...

I just bought a singer MK-70 knitting machine. Sadly it came with no manual. is there anywhere on the internet i could download one??
thanks Glenda