Tuesday, February 20, 2007

NOT knitting for Barbie anymore!

Ok I said knitting for Barbie last time but for the life of me I can't find my Barbie doll! ACK! So I swooped by the dollar store like a crafter in a rage and got this 11.5 inch fashion doll. The pattern in the mag for said dress was messed up half way through the design so I put a few rows of my own on and made this sweater. As seen on the 11.5 inch fashion doll that came without a name, I shall call her Blondie. Because that's just cool.

I also have a lot of patterns for Hats for dolls like this, Barbie, Blondie, and the like. I hated all of them all so I created this hat! I knit this with Blue Sky Alpacas 100% Sport weight.

Seed Stitch Stocking Cap
Mats Size 2 Needles (use two double pointed ones to work straight for ease of Knitting)
Cast on 26 stitches
Row1: (K1, P1) Continue to end
Row2: (P1, K1) Continue to end
Repeat these two rows Once more.
Work 7 Rows of St st.
Next Row: Dec Row - K2 across (13 stitches)
Next Row: P1 Row
Next Row: K2 Across until 1 st. remains. K1 st. (7 stitches)

Cut yarn and draw through the last 7 stitches bind off and sew up the back seam of the hat! TA DA! FINISHED! Instant Gratification.



Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Gosh. That is just too freakin' cute! Look at the little sweater! Aaah! And the itty bitty hat! Aaah! Ok, and that is awesome that you knit something so tiny! My new-at-knitting fingers would FA-LIP out; they'd be all like, "nuh, uh, bia; we wants some big needles up in herre." Because, um, that's exactly how my fingers talk -- they retained the oh-so-STL "herre" thing, unfortunately.

Oh and I'm not anonymous; I'm Christy!

Sheila said...

My daughter would have loved that sweater. She is now 30 but still remembers fondly the Barbie days.