Monday, February 12, 2007

Speed Knitting and 12" of snow

I got my speed knitting book in. It's by Kris Percival. She is also the author of Knitting pretty. I decided to look through the book and found the Toddler tank top, after deciding to make the largest size (3T) I started it. When I started it was early in the afternoon and just before midnight i had it done. So here it is. I knit this in Rowan Cotton tape. Not what the directions called for but it was a wonderful use of some of the stray little balls in my stash. Lined in a little blue Rowan cotton tape I had left over. You can knit the largest size of that tank top using TWO 50g balls of Rowan Cotton Tape, However if you want a colored edge, you'll need a little scrap or another ball.

My husband is getting paid to stay home tomorrow, there is an INSANELY huge snow storm heading our way much as 12-15" BUURRRR!

it's cold out there

Happy Knitting

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