Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spring Fling

My mother took me to Peru IN. To Spring Fling Hosted by the Knit Knack Shop. I had a blast got away with 5 cones of yarn and I'm trying to find out how to get together $300.00's friend has a bulky brother machine with a ribber that she's willing to sell. I would love that. Sounds like fun.

I also got to see a great seminar on knitting Sideways socks on the knitting machine. One class on Taking a hand knitting pattern and making it a machine knitting pattern. I took a color course, and in the afternoon I took a class on button holes, zippers, and pockets. I also sat in a little on a class called "The ravings of a 20 year machine knitter.) LOL! I liked it. I loved it. Viva La Knitting Machine! AH HA!

The instructors were Lora Kinnan, Tricia Shafer(you saw her on knitty gritty with her machine making a hammock), Sandee Cherry (this woman gave my mom her first knitting machine lessons.), Deb Oswald, and Lea-Ann McGregor!

Awesome stuff.

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