Friday, June 22, 2007

1408 and Transformers.

I am really psyched! I'm going to go see the Stephen King movie tonight 1408. Then, on the 3rd of July, (thanks mom in advance for watching Trent), I'm going to see TRANSFORMERS! YEY! I'll let you know how it ends....just kidding..I'll tell you if it's worth seeing or not.

As for knitting I've been using my Mattel Barbie knitter a lot. The cotton turned out really well being thicker than say the acrylic or the wool. :) The 3 cotton thing was a mistake I took off the machine ...I like's a little flower..may find a way to finish it.

The picture below is not my knitter, this is a googled photo. This is what my knitter looks like, except my sticker that says Barbie is rubbing off. All of the other models like this Mattel put out were called Magic Knitters, came in red/yellow, pink/lime and brown/cream from what I have seen. I saw some really interesting knitting things in an online mag (see link below) and I got inspired. If you have a Barbie knitter and need more information on instructions or help please visit The Mattel Knitting Machine at This is a wonderful resource.

Check out the site it's called Cut out and keep. For all things Crafty!
I also got a request from a girl in Australia for some of my fingerless gloves, in red wool, well um...yeah I don't have any wool in that color in my stash...I HAVE TO GO BUY IT! YEY!


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Anonymous said...

SO you gonna knit me soem cool togues to keep my noggin warm?