Friday, February 29, 2008

FOS! for the win!

I have been getting a lot of stuff done and out the door! YEY! So many UFOs that were taking up space! I just had to grab them and start to finish them! So..I did.

First up is Barbie's skully dress! 100% angroa makes this a pricey stylish wear for the undisputed Queen of toy fashion...I knit this pretty white dress with pink trim in just a few short hours. :D Looks wonderful and Barbie will love it.
It took a bit of work and very small needles. =D I also put in a little bit of my personal side by Knitting in a pink skull on the bottom edge of the dress.

Next up on the train are two baby sweaters the 5 hour baby sweaters by Lorraine Major. The first was knit in dream in color, a wonderful superwash wool yarn. I altered the pattern a bit and knit short sleeves on this version! I think it makes it look charming. A beautiful little caplet. This pink one was knit for my friend Shelly who is expecting her second daughter in the next few weeks!

This 100% wool version was knit with the long sleeves as the pattern called for. This was knit with 1 skein noro kureon, and 2 skeins of lambs pride worsted. :)This will be my display as the moment this is washed ..goodbye I didn't think that through did I? lol.

And last but not least my cinnamon twist baby hat! also 100% wool. This will definately keep a new born head warm. I am considering sewing in a soft liner to make the hat extra warm without being itchy. This was an improvised design tha turned out super cute!

that's all for now..


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