Wednesday, February 06, 2008

HOLY COW! I'm back!

Hello everyone! I'm back and knitting up a storm. I'm writing a new pattern, using a few other patterns as my base I am inventing a new pattern! yey! This blue cape is going to be called "The Prince Blitz cape." it's a wonderfully quick little think I'm finding.
I am unventing two things. the first being Lorrine Major's Quick baby sweater. I'm knitting the yoke, and skipping the sleeves, I plan to then continue in (k1 row), (k3, p to last 3 sts, k3) for a few rows then start an increase in the back that will be on both sides, to let it flow out from the yoke like a king's cape would. ^^ it's gonna be awesome. I will but a gold button (hope fully I can find one with a lion) to sew to one side of the cape and make an icord loop to go around it to keep the cape on.
After I finish with this I plan to knit a second one, in purple, with a silver button (hopefully I can find one just like the gold one) and call it the Princess Serenity Baby Cape. So all in all a lot going on! I've got pictures in this post as you can see of my progress.


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redhead57 said...

i am more of a crocheter, and i was working on learning to knit, I even made a couple of the nice hand towels with simple patterns, not really good enough for anything but to clean with :), my favorite yarn is lions, i don't have a ton of money and this seems like good yarn for the price. when I get some more knitting needles I just may browse through here and find a couple of patterns.